Prevalence of  Strong Bottom Currents in the Greater Agulhas Current System
Meghan Cronin


Air-­sea flux measurements by the NOAA surface mooring in the Agulhas Return Current
Meghan Cronin


NOAA’s Adopt A Drifter Program: Schoolchildren’s Oceanographic Experiments
Meghan Cronin


Trends in the South Atlantic in a Numerical Simulation forced with NCEP Reanalysis from 1948 to 2012
Edmo Campos


On Agulhas rings and leakage
Erik van Sebille


Introduction to Session 3: Physical Mechanisms that Link the Agulhas to Ocean Circulation and Climate (controls)
Will de Ruijter


Longitudinal Biases in the Seychelles Dome Simulated by 35 Ocean-Atmosphere Coupled General Circulation Models
Motoki Nagura


Interannual variation of the Seychelles Dome and its possible influence on the upstream of the Agulhas Current
Tomoki Tozuka


Fate and Impact of Anthropogenic Agulhas leakage Increase
Arne Biastoch


Exploring the potential of cold-water corals as (paleo-)environmental indicators for the Mozambique and Agulhas Current systems
Dierk Hebbein


Some influences of the Agulhas Current on regional weather and climate
Chris Reason


Why is the Indonesian Throughflow strengthening the Agulhas leakage?
Dewi Le Bars


Reflections and Bifurcations
Arnold L. Gordon


Warm-core Agulhas Plateau Eddies
Jeffrey Book


Impact of Agulhas Retroflection and Leakage on Large-scale Ocean Circulation and Climate
Arne Biastoch


Cool, elevated chlorophyll-a water off northern Mozambique
B. S. Malauene


Multi-scale Variability on the South Indian Upper Ocean Circulation: Impacts on the Agulhas Current System
Viviane Menezes


Intra-seasonal and Annual variability of the Agulhas Current from satellite observations
Marjolaine Krug


In situ observations of Mozambique Channel throughflow and large anticyclonic eddies
Jenny Ullgren


New estimates of the greater Agulhas Surface Current dynamics from satellites
J.A. Johannessen


Modelling the Comoros Basin using ROMS
Charine Collins


Coastal Trapped Waves and Internal Tides on the Agulhas Bank, South Africa

Luc Rainville


Western Boundary Current Separation in Numerical Models: A Review
Eric Chassignet


Thermohaline Changes Throughout the Greater Agulhas System in Response to Northern Hemisphere Ocean Freshening
Conor Purcell


Simulation of extreme seasonal climate over South Africa using the high resolution Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model
Satyaban Ratna

Mixing estimates from sustained observations by underwater gliders
Shaun Johnston


Upwelling in the coastal zone off Algoa Bay driven by large episodic meanders in the Agulhas Current
Wayne Goschen


Dynamics of a dipolar gyre forced by a source/sink in a rotating tank
Steven Herbette


Southern South African coastal and inland climate: the influence of sea level, SST and orbital parameters as recorded in speleothems
Kerstin Braun


Are Changes in the Copepod Community on the Agulhas Bank over the Last Two Decades Mediated by Environmental Factors or Predation?
Jenny Huggett


Predictability of the Subtropical Dipole Modes in a Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Model
Chaoxia Yuan


Characterization of Agulhas Bank upwelling variability from satellite-derived sea surface temperature and ocean colour products
Christo Peter Whittle


Dynamic Upwelling on the inshore edge of the Agulhas Current
Neil Malan


Influence of the Durban cyclonic eddy on the east cost oceanography of South Africa
Lisa Guastella


Altered land-ocean connections in NW Madagascar during the YD
E. Khadun


Mesoscale bio-physical Interactions between the Agulhas Current and Agulhas Bank, South Africa
Jennifer Jackson


Fossil planktonic foraminifera from the Agulhas region over the last Glacial-Interglacial cycle: A study on temporal and spatial similarity
Kristina Arthur

Surface drifter trajectories highlight flow pathways in the Mozambique Channel
L. Hancke


Observations of shelf edge upwelling along the Mozambique shelf: The interaction of anticyclone-cyclone paired eddies with the continental slope
MJ Roberts


Air-sea interactions associated with the Agulhas system: Regional, basin-scale and hemispheric impacts
Hisashi Nakamura


Coastal Altimetry for Agulhas Current Dynamics: a preliminary analysis
Konstantina Rizopoulou


Assessing the role of the Subtropical Front in regulating Agulhas leakage at the Last Glacial Termination
Allison M. Franzese


The Madagascar Bloom – A Serendipitous Study
M.A. Srokosz


Slippage in Models: The Impact of Boundary Conditions
Graham D. Quartly

Beyond the Superficial: Delving deeper into the currents around Madagascar
Graham Quartly


Upper ocean heat content, SSH, SST, and surface heat flux in midlatitude oceanic frontal zones
Masami Nonaka


The Agulhas System in Ocean Circulation, Past and Present Climate
Lisa Beal