A field trip is being planned for Wednesday, 24 September to visit the Attert River basin. Participants will have the opportunity to visit a nested system of sub-catchments, covering areas of 0.4 to 247 km2. Implemented since 1995 by the Public Research Center – Gabriel Lippmann, this setup also includes micro-catchments equipped with a monitoring network operating at a very high spatio-temporal resolution. As of 2008, several interdisciplinary research projects have been initiated, aiming at a better holistic understanding of catchment functioning.

Since 2012, the Attert River basin hosts an impressive monitoring and research program in hydrological sciences in the framework of the DFG-FNR project CAOS (FOR 1598 Catchments as organized systems). During the fieldtrip, several of these monitoring sites will be visited, the objective being to give visitors an overview of the physio-geographical diversity of the study area, as well as of the multiple and diversified experimental and instrumental setups. The nested design of the hydro-meteorological monitoring sites is intended to best reflect the spatio-temporal variability of the processes that characterize the water cycle in the area of interest.