Chapman Conference on the Biological Carbon Pump of the Oceans
1–4 September 2009, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, England
Chapman Conference on Abrupt Climate Change
15–19 June 2009, Columbus, Ohio
Chapman Conference on Effects of Thunderstorms and Lightning in the Upper Atmosphere
10–14 May 2009; The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania
Chapman Conference on Arsenic in Groundwater of Southern Asia
24–27 March 2009; Siem Reap, Cambodia


Chapman Conference on Physics of Wave-Mud Interaction
17–20 November 2008; Amelia Island, Florida
Chapman Conference on Universal Heliophysical Processes (IHY)
10–14 November; Savannah, Georgia
Chapman Conference on Atmospheric Water Vapor and Its Role in Climate
20–24 October; Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Chapman Conference on Organic Matter Fluorescence
20–23 October 2008; University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK
Chapman Conference on Biogeophysics
13–16 October 2008; Portland, Maine
Chapman Conference on Shallow Mantle Composition and Dynamics Fifth International Orogenic Lherzolite Conference
22–26 September 2008; Mount Shasta Resort, Mount Shasta, Calif.
Chapman Conference on Lakes and Reservoirs as Sentinels, Integrators, and Regulators of Climate Change
8–10 September 2008; Lake Tahoe, Incline Village, Nevada
Chapman Conference on the Solar Wind Interaction with Mars
22–25 January 2008, Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego, California, USA


The Role of the Stratosphere in Climate and Climate Change
Santorini, Greece; 24–28 September 2007
Mid-latitude Ionospheric Dynamics and Disturbances
Yosemite National Park, Calif.; 3–6 January 2007


Active Tectonics and Seismic Potential of Alaska
Alyeska Resort, Girdwood, Alaska; 11–14 May 2006
Exploring Venus as a Terrestrial Planet
Key Largo, Fla.; 13–16 February 2006
Jets and Annular Structures in Geophysical Fluids
Savannah, Ga.; 9–12 January 2006


The Effects of Basement, Structure, and Stratigraphic Heritages on Volcano Behaviour
Taal Volcano, Tagaytay City, Philippines; 16–20 November 2005
The Great Plume Debate: The Origin and Impact of LIPs and Hot Spots
Ben Nevis Hotel, Fort William, Scotland; 28 August–1 September 2005
The Role of Marine Organic Carbon and Calcite Fluxes in Driving Global Climate Change, Past and Future
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Woods Hole, Mass.; 24–27 July 2005
Radiated Energy and the Physics of Earthquake Faulting
Portland, Maine; 13–17 June 2005
Magnetospheric ULF Waves
Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego, Calif.; 21–25 March 2005
Tropical-Extratropical Climatic Teleconnections, A Long-Term Perspective
University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii; 8–11 February 2005
Corotating Solar Wind Streams and Recurrent Geomagnetic Activity
Tropical Manaus Eco-Resort and Convention Center, Manaus, Brazil; 6–12 February 2005
The Science and Technology of Carbon Sequestration
Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego, Calif.; 16–20 January 2005


Salt Marsh Geomorphology: Physical and Ecological Effects on Landform
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; 9–13 October 2004
Solar Energetic Plasmas and Particles
Turku, Finland; 2–6 August 2004
Gravity Waves Processes and Parameterization
Waikoloa Beach Marriott, Kohala Coast, Hawaii; 10–14 January 2004


The Role of Diatom Production and Si Flux and Burial in the Regulation of Global Cycles
Paroikia, Paros, Greece; 22–26 September 2003
Physics and Modelling of the Inner Magnetosphere
Helsinki, Finland; 25–29 August 2003
book cover View Published Volume arrow
Ecosystem Interactions with Land Use Change
Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Santa Fe, N.M.; 14–18 June 2003
book cover View Published Volume arrow
Timescales of the Geomagnetic Field
University of Florida, Gainesville; 9–11 March 2003


Continent-Ocean Interactions within the East Asian Marginal Seas
The Bahia Resort, San Diego, Calif.; 11–14 November 2002
book cover View Published Volume arrow
Eco-hydrology of Semiarid Landscapes: Interactions and Processes
Taos, N.M.; 9–13 September 2002
High-Latitude Ocean Processes
L’Esterel, Quebec, Canada; 26–29 August 2002
Volcanism and the Earth’s Atmosphere
Thera, Greece; 17–21 June 2002
book cover View Published Volume arrow
Explosive Subaqueous Volcanism
Dunedin, New Zealand; 21–25 January 2002
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State of the Art in Hillslope Hydrology
Sunriver Resort, Sunriver, Ore.; 8–12 October 2001
Exploration Geodynamics: Practical Applications of Global Dynamic Models
Western Australia; 19–24 August 2001
Atmospheric Absorption of Solar Radiation
Rocky Mountain Park Holiday Inn, Estes Park, Colo.; 13–17 August 2001
The Formation of Sedimentary Strata on Continental Margins
Ponce, Puerto Rico; 17–19 June 2001
The Low-Latitude Boundary Layer and Its Dynamic Interaction with the Solar Wind and Magnetosphere
New Orleans, La.; 16–20 April 2001
book cover View Published Volume arrow
Storm-Substorm Relationship
Lonavala, Mumbdi, India; 12–16 March 2001
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The North Atlantic Oscillation
University of Vigo, Galicia, Spain; 28 November–1 December 2000
book cover View Published Volume arrow
The Gaia Hypothesis
University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain; 19–23 June 2000
Space Weather: Progress and Challenges in Research and Applications
Clearwater, Fla.; 20–24 March 2000