Climate Science

Natalia Andronova
(Expertise: Climate sensitivity and feedbacks)
University of Michigan

Phil Rasch
(Expertise: Climate Modeling and research in Geoengineering)
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

James Byrne
(Expertise: Global Environmental Change, Water Resources, Science Education and Communication)
University of Lethbridge

Climate Science History and Communication

John Perry
(Expertise: Climate Science History and Communication) – senior member
National Research Council (retired)

Naomi Oreskes
(Expertise: Science History, Climate Science Communication)
University of California San Diego

Program Committee

Climate Science

Ben Santer
(Expertise: Climate trends; data analysis)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Ken Caldeira
(Expertise: Climate, carbon, and energy)
Carnegie Institution of Washington

Myles Allen
(Expertise: Attribution climate change)
University of Oxford, UK

Gabi Hegerl
(Expertise: Climate variability)
The University of Edinburgh, UK

Alan Robock
(Expertise: Climate radiative forcing)
Rutgers University

Vladimir Kattsov
(Expertise:  Arctic climate variability and trends)
Main Geophysical Observatory, Russia

Mike Mastrandrea
(Expertise:  Integrated assessment modeling)
Stanford University

Social Science

Michael Oppenheimer
(Expertise:  Environmental policy)
Princeton University

Paul Edwards
(Expertise: Information infrastructures; climate science)
University of Michigan

Steven Lloyd
(Expertise: Sustainability)
Wyle Information Systems
at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (main)


Bud Ward
(Expertise:  Climate change communication)
Yale University

Oliver Morton
(Expertise: Journalist, Energy and Environment Editor)
The Economist Magazine