A diverge group of interests from physicists and social scientists, communicators and journalists.

The theme of the Chapman Conference requires conveners from at least two areas that are critical to this conference: (1) Climate science and (2) Climate science history and communication.

The first category includes experts who are familiar with both the underlying methodologies and the outcomes of climate research; have expertise in broader implication of climate change (like environmental change); and have experience in exploration into the bleeding edge areas of climate science (like geoengineering) that may challenge accepted notions of climate science, and governance.

The second category could include scientists with experience and expertise in communication of technical information in a non-technical way and making complex issues accessible to policymakers and the public as well as professional historians and science journalists. Scientists can benefit from a historical perspective on how climate science was communicated in the past, which may help to develop more effective climate change communication strategies for the future.