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Evaluation of freshwater flow from rivers to the sea in CMIP5 simulations: insights from the Congo river basin
Santini & Caporaso 2018
JGR: Atmospheres

Congo Basin precipitation: Assessing seasonality, regional interactions, and sources of moisture
Dyer et al. 2017
JGR: Biogeosciences

Opportunities for hydrologic research in the Congo Basin
Alsdorf et al. 2016
Reviews of Geophysics

Origins, seasonality, and fluxes of organic matter in the Congo River
Spencer et al. 2016

Using qflux to constrain modeled Congo Basin rainfall in the CMIP5 ensemble
Creese & Washington 2016
JGR: Atmospheres

Riverine dissolved lithium isotopic signatures in low‐relief central Africa and their link to weathering regimes
Henchiri et al 2016

A process‐based investigation into the impact of the Congo basin deforestation on surface climate
Bell et al. 2015
JGR: Atmospheres

The biogeochemistry of carbon across a gradient of streams and rivers within the Congo Basin
Mann et al 2014
JGR: Biogeosciences

River flow and ocean temperatures: The Congo River
White & Toumi 2014
JGR: Oceans

Basin‐scale performance of a semidistributed rainfall‐runoff model for hydrological predictions and water resources assessment of large rivers: The Congo River
Tshimanga & Hughes 2014

Hydraulic characterization of the middle reach of the Congo River
O’Loughlin et al. 2013

The Congo River plume: Impact of the forcing on the far‐field and near‐field dynamics
Denamiel et al. 2013
JGR: Oceans

Inorganic carbon speciation and fluxes in the Congo River
Wang et al 2013

Temporal controls on dissolved organic matter and lignin biogeochemistry in a pristine tropical river, Democratic Republic of Congo
Spencer et al 2010
JGR: Biogeosciences

Contrasting silicon isotope signatures in rivers from the Congo Basin and the specific behaviour of organic‐rich waters
Cardinal et al. 2010

Photochemical degradation of dissolved organic matter and dissolved lignin phenols from the Congo River
Spencer et al. 2009
JGR: Biogeosciences

Evaluation of historical and future simulations of precipitation and temperature in central Africa from CMIP5 climate models.
Aloysius, N. R., et al. (2016).
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 121(1): 130-152.