Format and Schedule

This Chapman Conference will last for three full days.  A key goal of the conference is to forge new partnerships among the participants.  Thus, each day will be organized to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for small group discussions.

The following table provides a general conference schedule.  Each day has a theme and there will be six sessions organized around each hypothesis (hypotheses 1 and 2 are combined).  The first third of each session will focus on talks, followed by a snack break combined with the second third, which will focus on posters, and then during the final third we will convene participants into a group discussion.  During this discussion in each session, the leaders will seek to resolve (a) if there is sufficient evidence to determine a true or false result to the suggested hypothesis.  (b) If sufficient, then participants will document the evidence and (c) if not sufficient, then they will provide a roadmap toward the required tests.


Day 1 Theme: Climate & Precipitation

Session Topics

Day 2 Theme: Rivers & Wetlands

Session Topics

Day 3 Theme:

Water Resources

Session Topics

Morning Introduction

Hypothesis 3

Hypotheses 1 and 2 Hypothesis 5
Lunch Open Open Open
Afternoon Hypothesis 4 Hypothesis 7 Hypothesis 6


Early Evening Mixer Open

NOTE: Professional French-English translation and interpretation services are planned during the conference. The goal is to have all talks presented in English but with interpretation into French available via headsets.  In addition to an interpreter, a few bilingual scientists will also be available to assist with small group discussions.