M. Abudala – Multiscale physics of the magnetotail

S. I. Akasofu – What I learned from auroral substorms (Banquet Speaker)

F. Bagenal – Juno: First visit to Jupiter’s poles. What are the lessons from Earth?

D. Baker – Van Allen probes: The relationships between storms, substorms, and radiation belt enhancements

W. Bristow – SuperDARN observations of convection pattern

J. Burch – MMS overview and highlights

P. Cassak – The many facets of reconnection at the dayside magnetopause

C. Chaston – Coupling the plasma sheet to the inner magnetosphere with Alfvén waves

M. Conde – Observations of thermospheric neutral winds driven by F-region ion convection in the auroral zone

L. J. Chen – Structure and dynamics of the diffusion region during reconnection in the magnetosphere

I. Daglis – Substorm-storm relationship

P. Delamere – Solar wind interaction with the giant magnetospheres and Earth

J. Drake – Physics of magnetic reconnection (Tutorial Lecture)

S. P. Duan – Observations of dipolarization in the near-Earth plasma sheet

R. Ergun – The role of turbulence in auroral generation and MMS initial results

M. C. Fok – The nature and location of processes controlling the storm-time ring current and radiation belts

H. Frey – Auroral dynamics from large to small scales

S. Fuselier – Dayside magnetic field topology including MMS initial results

Giles- Accessing the MMS science data system

K.-H. Glassmeier – On solar wind – magnetosphere – dynamo coupling

J. Goldstein – Inner magnetospheric dynamics: plasmasphere and ring current

M. Goldman – What do 2D PIC simulations tell us about magnetotail reconnection

M. Goldstein – to be confirmed

T. Gombosi – Space weather simulations: From research codes to forecasting

M. Hesse – MMS impacts on reconnection theory

J. R. Kan – A model of magnetic storm-substorm dynamics driven by tail-lobe current loops

J. Klimchuk – Role of reconnection in solar dynamics and heating (Tutorial Lecture)

G. Le – Observations of spatial and temporal variations of field-aligned currents

L. C. Lee – Onset mechanism of dipolarization in the near-Earth plasma sheet

M. Liemohn – Storm-time dynamics in the near-Earth nightside magnetosphere

Y. Lin – Hybrid simulation of magnetotail dynamics

H. Li – Signature of dayside magnetopause structure during geomagnetic super storms

T. Lui – A current disruption model for substorms

G. Marklund – Characteristics of the particle acceleration and density cavities associated with large-scale aurora during auroral substorms

B. Mauk – Comparative investigation of injection and storm-like dynamics of planetary magnetospheres, including MMS initial results

T. Moore – Status and early observations

P. Newell – Dynamics of auroral oval

R. Nakamura – Characteristics of flow bursts and dipolarization in the near-Earth magnetotail, including MMS initial results

C.-S. Ng – MHD turbulence cascade rate and the heating of the solar corona and solar wind

T. Phan – Reconnection features anticipated and observed in MMS data

C. Pollock – Earth’s magnetopause in high resolution: Early results from the MMS fast plasma investigation, and MMS initial results

J. Raeder – Magnetotail dynamics in global MHD simulations

G. Reeves – Van Allen Probes observations of substorm and storm-time energetic particle injection deep in the inner magnetosphere

P. Reiff – Predicting and modeling space weather

A. Runov – What roles do flow bursts play in the plasma sheet

C. T. Russell – Solar wind-magnetosphere coupling in the age of the MMS mission

R. Schunk – Ionospheric outflow and its effect on the magnetosphere

J. Shue – Origin of radial interplanetary magnetic field and its interactions with the magnetosphere

M. Sitnov – Particle simulations of reconnection processes in the magnetotail

H. Singer – Space weather: Causes and Consequences (Tutorial Lecture)

J. Slavin – Reconnection in Earth’s magnetotail

P. Song – Ion-neutral coupling dynamics

V. Sonwalkar – Evolution of field aligned electron and ion (H+, He+, O+) densities as a function of geomagnetic storm activity

R. Strangeway – Reconnection magnetic fields, expectations and preliminary magnetic field measurements from MMS

B. B. Tang – Global MHD simulation on the magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling

R. Torbert – First results from the electric and magnetic field measurements on MMS

V. M. Vasyliunas – Comparative Magnetospheres in Solar System (Tutorial Lecture)

Z. Voros – What roles do plasma turbulence play in the plasma sheet?

M. Yamada – Conversion of magnetic reconnection observed in laboratory plasma

S. Zenitani – The theory and observation of the dissipation region in magnetic reconnection

H. Zhang – Hot flow anomalies and their impact on the magnetosphere

L. Zhu – Active role of the ionosphere in the magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling

Q. G. Zong – Ring Current Ions interact with ULF waves in the inner magnetosphere