Chapman-PosterFormat and Schedule

The conference is organized into three topical sessions: (1) external drivers, (2) internal responses , and (3) inner coupling (i.e., coupling to the ionosphere and inner magnetosphere). Each topic will be addressed in separate sessions. The logical flow is such that we begin with the interaction of the solar wind and the magnetotails (Topic 1), which is essential for the formation of all magnetotails. Once energy and mass enter the magnetotail, various internal modes operate inside the magnetotail, such as convection, fast flows, dipolarization, substorm, fluxtube interchange, etc. (Topic 2). While magnetotails affect the inner magnetosphere and ionosphere, the latter two also have profound influences on the structure and properties of the magnetotails, which will be the last session of this conference (Topic 3).

Our objective is to develop an integral approach to magnetotails, addressing key questions for the terrestrial and other planetary magnetotails. Hence, the magnetotails of the six planets (Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) will be covered jointly in each session.

The scientific part of this meeting will span five full days (Monday through Friday) plus Sunday afternoon for registration and ice breaker. Monday morning sets the stage for the conference through a series of invited tutorials on magnetotails of the different planets and a keynote lecture, outlining why the magnetotail is an unsolved fundamental problem of magnetospheric physics. These tutorials will allow graduate students and scientists with different expertise to become familiar with magnetotails of other planets. Hence, it is highly recommended that participants arrive Sunday, 10 May, or earlier so as not to miss this introduction.

The first topical session will start on Monday afternoon and the last session will end on Friday afternoon. After each topical session two program committee members will summarize the session and lead a discussion pertaining to the session topic. Poster sessions will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Details about poster dimensions and guidelines will be posted as information becomes available.

See Field Trips and Other Events for details on other planned activities during the conference week.