The second day of the conference will comprise an all-day field trip to the Laguna del Maule volcanic field, a large, youthful, restless rhyolitic magmatic system on the Andean rangecrest. Results from an ongoing multidisciplinary NSF Integrated Earth Systems project will be highlighted.

FIELD TRIP PREPAREDNESS:  For the intra-conference field trip on Tuesday January 8, we will board buses and drive about 2 hours east from Quinamavida ascending the Rio Maule valley to its headwaters at Laguna del Maule which is at 2160 masl (7100 feet) on the Andean range crest.  You will receive box lunches and at the end of the day we will stop at the Andean range front in El Colorado for a Chilean BBQ dinner (I am hosting this dinner, so it is included in your conference reg. fees, and thanks to Alvaro for arranging it). At Laguna del Maule be aware, there is zero shade, the sun can be ferocious at this elevation and latitude, and it can be windy.  It could rain or snow, but this is unlikely.  You will want:

  •  sturdy shoes (boots far better)
  • long pants and shirt
  • hat that shades your face, ears, and neck
  • sweater or fleece jacket
  • vest or light insulating jacket
  • wind resistant rain shell/jacket
  • light gloves (optional)
  • daypack
  • min. 1 liter water/fluid
  • sunscreen