View the Meeting-at-a-Glance and the final program [pdf format] before arriving in Tucson.

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Paper Conservation

In alignment with the priority objectives of AGU’s strategic plan, AGU will not provide printed programs for the Chapman conferences. Instead, you may access real-time, detailed presentation information via the online itinerary planner (IP). Additionally, online evaluation surveys will be sent via email before the final day of the conference.

To access the Itinerary Planner, please click here.

The Chapman Conference will consist of four oral sessions and poster sessions on the four topics, World Café style breakout sessions on each topic and a group reporting and synthesis session. Oral sessions will include two slots, each with five talks including two invited talks. Oral sessions will be organized according to the four session topics defined in the section “session topics.” The World Café style breakout sessions will address the open questions listed in each of the topic description. The outcome of these breakout sessions will provide the basis for the group reporting and synthesis session on Thursday. Chairs of the breakout sessions will summarize the discussion and present during the wrap-up meeting. This format will stimulate discussion and exchange of information and ideas between the attendees and the different disciplines. The afternoon time slots provide opportunities for informal meetings and discussion or relaxing.


Conference events include:

Sunday, 20 October
Welcome Reception

Wednesday, 23 October
Conference Banquet
Visit to Landscape Evolution Observatory, Biosphere 2