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Paper Conservation

In alignment with the priority objectives of AGU’s strategic plan, AGU will not provide printed programs for the Chapman conferences. Instead, you may access real-time, detailed presentation information via the on-line itinerary planner (IP). Additionally, on-line evaluation surveys will be sent via email before the final day of the conference.

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The meeting will occur four and a half days, to include oral presentations at the Hilton Key Largo Resort. Session chairs will present a synthesis of results, especially as they apply to the science questions in this proposal. The schedule is designed to promote discussion and debate opportunities, and to make the conference accessible to a broad audience. Because of the fundamental links between the convection zone, photosphere, chromosphere, corona, and solar wind, the schedule has been especially designed to maximize a multidisciplinary approach.  The main science questions to be addressed are:

  1. What were the causes and consequences of the observed changes in the magnetism of the Sun?
  2. How did the changes in solar magnetism manifest themselves in the corona and heliosphere and what were the resulting changes in the solar wind and irradiance at Earth?
  3. How did changes in solar wind properties affect the magnetosphere?
  4. How were the upper atmosphere and ionosphere affected by the protracted solar minimum conditions?
  5. What is the historical context of the protracted solar minimum and what are the implications for the future?

Fields of Interest

Solar Physics, Heliosphere, Solar Interior, Solar Wind, Space Climate, Magnetosphere, Space Weather, Upper Atmosphere and Ionosphere, Ionosphere Coupling, Climate


Conference events will include:

Sunday, 7 April
Welcome Reception
Hilton Key Largo Resort

Wednesday, 10 April
Conference Banquet
Hilton Key Largo Resort