The conference will be held at RIXOS LIBERTAS DUBROVNIK, Liechtensteinov put 3, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia. Attendees may also search via Google.


 Map of Dubrovnik (click on map for enlarged version)


The conference venue (see red arrow and circle) is located 1.6 km from the Old Town (Pile Gate) and 23 km from the airport. (click on photo for enlarged version)


By plane

The Dubrovnik Airport (also referred to as Čilipi Airport; airport code: DBV) is well connected to many major cities, either directly or by the international airports in Zagreb and Split. (click on map for enlarged version.)

MapCompanies that fly to Dubrovnik directly:

Since the conference week is still in the pre-peak season during the last week of May, the number of direct flights is somewhat more limited. Book your flights early. Alternatively, flying via Zagreb is an option. The distance between Zagreb and Dubrovnik is 600 km.


  • Bus
  • Taxi

Dubrovnik Airport is located 23 km from the city. Regular bus service by Atlas buses runs from the airport to the central bus station in Gruž (the main harbor in Dubrovnik). Buses depart after each scheduled flight arrival, and the one-way ticket costs 40 HRK (5 EUR) (as of May 2015). You can buy the ticket on the bus. The drive takes about 30 minutes. On the way buses stop at Pile Gate (the west gate of the Old Town), where you should get off. From there you can take a local city bus or taxi to the conference venue. The local city bus does not stop in front of the hotel; you would still need to walk for about 5-10 minutes.

The alternative and recommended way would be to take a taxi from the airport directly to the conference hotel. It costs about 35 EUR (as of May 2015). It is the fastest and most comfortable way. If you have time and energy (after a long flight), you might even want to ask the driver to stop at one of the view points on top of the cliffs with a great view of the Old Town. It does not require any detour and is definitely worth the 5-min stop. Note: In general, when using a taxi in Dubrovnik, the taximeter should be running.


At the airport you can also rent a car from local or international car rental agency. For example,

  • Avis +385 20 773 811
  • Bingo Rent +385 20 773 373
  • Budget +385 20 773 290
  • Dollar-Thrifty +385 20 773 588
  • Hertz +385 20 771 568
  • Sixt +385 20 773 210
  • Uni Rent +385 20 773 480
  • Uniline +385 20 773 956
  • Autorent +385 20 773 958
  • Fleet +385 20 773 972
  • Last minute +385 20 773 865


If you have additional questions about how to get from the airport to the conference center, please contact the LOC member: Beverly Smith-Keiling.