The final program is now posted.

The scientific part of this meeting will span five days (Monday through Friday) plus Sunday afternoon for registration and the conference Icebreaker. The schedule is thematically divided into four topics:

1. Wave generation mechanisms (instabilities, eigenmodes, shear flows, kinetic and nonlinear effects, solar wind-driven)

2. Wave propagation (energy transport, mode coupling, remote effects, guided wave propagation)

3. Interaction with plasma and energetic particles (wave-particle interaction, acceleration and heating, Joule heating, kinetic and nonlinear effects)

4. Applications (space weather, plasma diagnostics, and lab plasmas)

Each of the four topics will be merged into separate sessions, which cover various wave phenomena both by location (sun, solar wind, Earth, planets) and by subject (MHD, EMIC, and transient waves, the wave-particle interaction, and their application to plasma diagnosis). Our intention is to share each subject in the whole plasma regions. This will allow us to mix certain sessions with talks from the different communities. Our intention is not to split the various communities by sessions, and worse yet, by separate days.

The conference will have a keynote speech and plenary (tutorial-like) talks at the beginning of each session, given by one of the leading experts in each field. Both invited and contributed talks will be scheduled in the morning and afternoon sessions, and the poster sessions are scheduled at the start of afternoon sessions. The panel discussion time will also be arranged to stimulate informal exchange and discussions among the different groups.