Keynote and Invited Speakers:

Marc von Hobe: Do we understand the sources of stratospheric sulfur?

Nick Krotkov: SO2 emissions from erupting and degassing volcanoes and anthropogenic sources

Stephan Borrmann: The tropical upper troposphere and lower stratosphere: Source region for stratospheric aerosols

Michael Hoepfner: Gas phase measurements of stratospheric sulfur

Christian von Savigny: Comparing aerosol measurements of the post-Pinatubo era from different platforms

Tom Peter: The basis and development of the CMIP6 stratospheric aerosol climatology

Michael Sigl: Paleoclimate reconstructions of volcanism. How common is the current period in terms of volcanic activity?

Anja Schmidt: Comparison of models and measurements in the post-Pinatubo era

Ben Santer: Changes in stratospheric composition and impact on chemistry and climate – The role of volcanic aerosol on global temperature trends

Brian Toon: Impact of stratospheric aerosol on future climate and possible feedbacks