Conference Objectives and General Description

This Chapman Conference will bring together a diverse group of researchers that span fields of terrestrial and marine volcanology. There is a need for a multi-community-wide conference dedicated to cross-disciplinary teaching and learning to formulate the direction of submarine volcanology into the future. There have been no conferences within the last few decades that have brought together a diverse group dedicated to submarine volcanology.

The conference will span over 5 days and include both invited and contributed talks, as well as posters. The group will be organized to ensure teaching and learning across multiple disciplines, and the conference will be organized to provide an account of the current state of knowledge, key outstanding questions, and future research directions in key disciplinary areas (1 area each day). The final day’s activities will outline important future directions for the next decade of marine research and exploration. We anticipate that the conference will benefit the Earth-Marine science community in numerous ways.  In particular, the conference will:

  1. Establish the current knowledge of oceanic volcanism across multiple disciplines.
  2. Identify the most important questions that should be the focus for future research.
  3. Provide a multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas and new technologies/methodologies.
  4. Stimulate the formation of multidisciplinary collaborations that will address key research questions.
  5. Facilitate transfer of knowledge between scientists in different disciplines and career levels.