Update: View the schedule and the updated conference program, which will be distributed on site at the conference.

NOTE: The Ice Breaker Reception will be held on Sunday, 29 January,  5:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. at the Hobart Brewing Company which is located at 16 Evans Street. Attendees will be able to pick up badge materials in addition to receiving materials during the week of the conference.

The Chapman Conference will include a mix of invited talks, contributed talks, activities and posters. There will be a single session to ensure that attendees are kept together to maximize interactions and exposure to new ideas and subjects. The first 3 conference days (excluding the mid-conference field trip) are broken into four sessions. Sessions 1-3 consist of talks (invited or contributed) followed by discussion time. Session 4 of each day consists of an activity, posters and a keynote talk.

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The conference topics are Modern mid-ocean ridges and intraplate volcanism, Modern volcanic arcs and back arcs, and integrating ancient and modern settings with numerical and experimental approaches.

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The activities include:

  • an early career researcher (ECR) Science Slam, where ECRs present 2-3 slides that show their research focus,
  • a technology showcase which will introduce the technologies associated with submergence science,
  • a volcano video festival, showing videos of recent voyages to submarine volcanoes – a picture is worth 1000 words!!

We anticipate that all posters will be displayed for the entire conference so that there is ample time for poster viewing and discussion. Each day’s activities will conclude with a keynote talk.

The final day of the conference has the theme of “Planning for the next decade of research in submarine volcanism.” The day has a different format intended to increase group participation in the planning of future research.

Each session on the final day has a theme where breakout groups will be formed who will present their ideas and vision on key questions/themes. These groups will come together naturally during the conference through informal discussions. The program convenors will facilitate a discussion period of the whole group.

The themes of the final day are:

  • What is the vision for the next decade of fundamental scientific research, discussion focused around: a) what are the fundamental questions that need to be addressed? b) what datasets are critical to acquire? What data, techniques, approaches haven’t been combined that should be? Geographically, where is this science possible?
  • Current and emerging technologies to help achieve the goals outlined in the first session and discussed throughout the conference. These technologies could be associated with marine assets, monitoring equipment, large datasets, experimental equipment etc.
  • Planning, the target question to be answered is, “How do we move forward from here?”